Microboards PF-Pro Inkjet Auto Printer

High-volume disc printing requires a solution that’s up to the task and that you can trust. Fortunately, the Microboards PF Pro delivers the ease, reliability, and professional quality you’re seeking in a solution that’s extremely fast and cost-effective as well. The PF Pro utilizes the latest in HP inkjet technology, with HP Vivera inks and outstanding 4800-dpi resolution, to deliver high-quality, professionally finished CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs that look truly amazing. Separate C, M, Y, K high-capacity ink cartridges mean less waste and a much lower cost per disc at 12p for a typical full-coverage print and as low as 3p for light, text-only coverage.

Utilizing Microboards’ patented disc singulation technology, the PF-Pro is designed to print hundreds of discs on a weekly basis. Its 100-disc throughput capacity allows for unattended operation.

By utilizing the latest in HP inkjet technology, the print speed and quality of the PF Pro is unequaled among disc duplicators. Separate C, M, Y, and Black ink cartridges means zero waste – and the lowest possible cost-per-disc, as low as 12p for a full coverage print. One set of ink cartridges can produce 850 to 1,500 discs. Disc designs utilizing light text-only coverage could have a cost-per-disc as low as 3p, and throughput at upwards of 250 discs per hour. Coupled with the 18X DVD/48X CD recording speed in a single recorder or dual recorders, the MX Series is the best solution for high-volume disc publishing.

The included software suite for all three products includes simple label design software. Design your label from a point-and-click application, or use popular design programs such as Photoshop® and import directly to the software. Publishers with recording ability include recording & job creation software for both Mac and PC, including support Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7. Record or copy virtually any CD recordable or DVD +/- Recordable format, including Dual Layer DVDs.



Microboards G4A Autoprinter

Churches, schools, sales and marketing departments, government offices, videographers, and recording studios alike will benefit from the ease, speed, affordability, and professional results derived from the G4 Autoprinter. Microboards’ latest innovation makes the process of producing professional CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray Discs in low-to-mid volumes effortless. Anyone can easily operate the device with its intuitive user interface. Set it up, walk away and the 50-disc capacity enables automatic unattended  printing of all your discs. 'DiscPlace' Technology provides improved loading and reliability; and with easy disc alignment calibration, you can count on the G4 to meet your demands for reliable operation.

You are certain to make a positive impression with finished CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray Discs that look amazing, thanks to HP inkjet technology and the vibrant colors derived from HP inks. When you use the G4 Auto Printer, the process of producing professionally finished discs in low-to-medium volumes is nearly effortless. Anyone, even novice users can easily operate the printer, thanks to a radically intuitive user interface and labeling software, designed specifically for the Microboards product line. Set it up and walk away the 50-disc capacity enables automatic unattended printing of all your discs without hiccup.

The industrial G4 Auto Printer is your answer to printing discs quickly and cost-effectively delivering discs with both text and graphics in less than 20 seconds and for only 9p per disc. SureThing label design software enables you to create labels with a professional flair. Whether you’re printing full-color, full-coverage discs or light coverage with text only, you’ll enjoy results of the highest quality. 

Our 4th generation disc handling technology provides smooth, clean images; and HP inkjet technology provides consistently brilliant color in text and images on each and every disc. Take your efforts to the next level with the latest Microboards innovation and our service and support technicians who are always available if you need them.